Poll: are you happy with the forum?

Please give us your opinions here…

(If you select “Not good”, please provide a link to related thread, it’s easy to just click without giving any examples :wink: )

Thanks for the feedback.

(made sticky for one week from now - Merry X-mas :slight_smile: )

Great forum.quick and accurate answers with a lot of kind people willing to help each other !

Great forum. Helped me through my year 12 HSC Major Project. Bit annoyed with the lack of use of the search button but nothings perfect.

kirupa.com is just the best. I stumbled across it and now cant stop coming back ! cheers to the founder, and scotty , for being so patient with everyone whose posts he deals with !

is there like some website that shows the best forum or like the one with the most hits a day or somehting like that ? (showing kirupa.com of course :wink: