Poll ««««« do these pics suck

ok, here’s the deal…


the client complains about the pics in the ‘rooms’ section being too dark.

but on my screen they look fine. so could you please tell me…

  1. the pics are just fine… buy that client some glasses

  2. the pics look like hell… adjust your screen to normal peoples brightness level

  3. it’s dubious… might consider redoing the pics

ok tell me… is it 1. 2. or 3.


i felt the pics are kool but as with all oour employers. its not what we think its wat they think. most of the time we as designers want it one way but the person paying for it wants it another uglier way so what can ya do. make it brighter and get your money

>If you ask me !
Well its kind of dark room with low light !

get it more bright I playd with my brightness on screen but still images prob.

its perfect…i choose 1!

i voted for nº2… but i think it is ok :-\

the pictures look depressing…

The pics do look a little dark (the bathroom pics are okay) but they are going to be tough to adjust with the actual lighting in the rooms.
If you are using Photoshop as your image editing software, you
can adjust the levels and play around a bit with the curves to try and achieve a more evenly lighted picture. I would not recommend using the brightness adjustment, but hey whatever works :sure:
BTW I really like the site, very clean design, nice to look at.

yah i think they should be lightened up… maybe opena window up before taken the picture
or photoshop it

Well, my monitor is constantly too dark, no exceptions, so I am no fair judge :beam:

thanks peepz… been very helpfull…

i’ll redo them tomorrow

depressing… lighten them up in fireworks or photoshop!

The images aren’t that bad, but if your client thinks it’s too dark then you give them what they want. You shouldn’t even be here asking this question.

Clients are always right, even if they’re complete morons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, what eg said is true, If they dont like it, just tey to make them happy. Tjey are always right even if you dont think so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ow, Alpha Hotel is not wide from where I live, let’s say 2 streets… So the guy who made it must be Dutch too, therefore I am continuing in Dutch (sorry):

Van Tienen of wat? Ik sta hier ook ergens met mijn site, eentje met een poll bij, kga mijn link hier niet posten, want daarvoor komen ze hier niet :slight_smile:
Laat me eens iets weten, misschien ken ik je wel, ik woon in de Ooievaarstraat…