Poll on feaures of a web gallery!

Hey all!

I’m finally coming to the last stages of designing the new version of SBN… However, there’s one thing I still haven’t figured out. It’s what users like to see on each individual listing. For example, most Web Galleries typically have the website’s name, rating (out of 5 or something), and maybe the # of comments on that post. However, I’m truly interested in what people really want to see on the front of each listing.

Here’s some things that I was thinking of doing:

On the front page of each listing, I’d have the: the title, # of comments, and maybe a rating

One the subpage of each listing, I’d have: All of the above, plus a short excerpt “reviewing” the site…

My goal there is to make SBN a bit more “user-centric” since they can read that blurb to understand what each listing is about instead of just clicking right away to the site.

Is there anything I should be including or excluding either on the front of the listing or within the subpage?

Also, note I purposely didn’t add a poll since I want to hear you guys spell out your answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Eric Huang

EDIT I just realized I miss-spelled Features… Can a mod fix this? Thanks