Polymorphism shame on ActionScript


[LEFT]I just want to tell my deep frustation about OOP in flash for hard projects. I used to develop some apps with many classes, developping many components and, to be honest, polymorphism in AS simply does not exists.

So I have to do many workarounds, and stay with many “IFs” on my code, that a simple interface or a Factory class would clean them of my code.

Why, in the name of god, I cant have 2 or more methods with the same name and different signatures in ActionScript? Java does it, C# does it. Uh!

If Adobe really wants the developers comunity make each time more complex applications, it is good to think, first, in turn available every single OOP requirement. With a deccent approach. And, no: the …rest params is not the same thing: it opens the opportunity to the method receive ANY object at ANY cost.

Maybe the solution is going to Silverlight. I like Flash, but the language limitations is annoying. And, as the complexity of the project grows up, the more ActionScript looks hard to mantain the encapsulation and others OOP basic concepts.

Dou you have any idea to help me about method overloading in ActionScript?
Any suggestion is very appreciate.

Thank you, guys!

Pedro Paulo Almeida
Flash Developer - Brazil