Pom Help Me Or Someone Else With The Slidding Menu!

It starts off by saying and I qoute “When you open the .fla, you’ll see 3 layers, buttons, mask and fond.” what I would like to know WHAT .FLA!!! thanks for your help in advance.

Hey Das19,
Sorry about that. I must have forgotten to include the source code. Pom, I apologize for the error. E-mail me the FLA and I’ll add it up there: [email protected] :frowning:


:stuck_out_tongue: That’s OK. All you have to do is create and name the layers… I think.

pom :slight_smile:

you know or you think?

Actually, you really need the starting file… and I don’t have them. I’ll redo them, along with the whole tutorial, because it is definitely outdated. Give me some time.

pom :asian: