Poor Reflection Studio 01 - Teaser

[size=4][color=sienna]It’s coming…[/color][/size]

(All artwork above is sole Copyright of Poor Reflection Studios 2004 - no form of the above image may be used in any fashion whatsoever…consider yourself warned.)

(for real I promise - I’m going to get it up before you get yours up Soulty lol :P)

Nice art work

Hey so I was just wondering, can I get the PSD?

no lol!

comon nobody’s going to steal your work, what’s up with all the legal shiznit…

Yea :a:! Mr. Puss ‘n’ boots has a point.

rofl. what they said ^^

EDIT: hey I think I recognize that cloud? I had a picture of a cloud that looked just like that one.

Hey when you run a company you put that sort of stuff up. Many other members here do the same thing so chillax guys. You can’t possibly account for the other like 15,992 members.

LOL as far as the cloud - its from my backyard :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mac.

i wonder what it’d look like if you put the menu words inside the white part on the photo. like a polaroid.

it might look better - good eye! i’ll try it later on today.

hehe… I must Say… I can’t wait :slight_smile: