PoP mE uP

Hi everybody,

Again popupscreen question, aha, I read the tutorial from kirupa to open an swffile in a new popupscreen.

It starts with a button in flash and I have to click it, to open up the popupswf, but I don’t want that people have to click on a button.

If they come on my site, the swffile should popup from is one in a new window, without clicking on something.

So just type in the url from my website and then a popupscreen appears immediately.

To make it harder, i even want to have a button inside flash that closes the popup and returns me to the htmlfile, where is written thx for your visit.

Sounds familiar he, you see it a lot on websites.

If somebody is able to help me?
If you now just parts to help me, just say that parts.

I THINK I’M GOING CRAZY, but on one day I will know flash and understand it…

Greetingsssssss :o