Pop-up calling external .swf?

Hi erveryone!(sry for my bad bad english):hugegrin:

Ok, i create a flash site and i need to know something!

What the button actionscript to call external .swf in a pop-up??

This link http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Actionscripting/Opening_-Mohamed_-836/index.php show how do do it with only 1 swf but i need to call about 3-4 pop-up external swf.

The tutorial from Kirupa is only for a URL pop-up, not for external swf.

Just to be sure you understand me(again my english is not good), exemple-----

Button ‘‘click here for exemple’’ need to call a external .swf but i have 3 or 4 button on my website who need to call external swf…

Any idea?

Hope you understand…

Thx all for your help

Rick from Montreal