Pop up - please help

I`m working on a flash web page and I’m having a big(small) problem with a pop up window…

I have the main.swf then I call the portfolio.swf and from this one the last .swf, in this last one I have a movie clip and a button, from this button I want to call a pop up in a centered window… I’m using the kirupa example and I can´t make it work…
Anybody can help me?

When I used the button in the main.swf it works… but when I used in a .swf tha it’s called from the main.swf doesn’t work…



write the codes or send the fla file…

i think it is because _root and _parent problem…

I was able to do it with this code:

[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][COLOR=#0000FF]on[/COLOR] COLOR=#000000[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]{[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000FF]getURL[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]([/COLOR][COLOR=#FF0000]“javascript:NewWindow=window.open(‘http://www.xxx.com’,‘newWin’,‘width=576,height=619,left=498,top=186,scrollbars=no’); NewWindow.focus(); void(0);”[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000])[/COLOR];

now… I would like to open it centered… what should I change in the script?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot for the quick reply,