Pop Up whith flash

Hy! I’ve a new question.
My site is all in flash and is 600350 pixel.
I know that I can make HTML using flash… but this create a window very big with my flash work in the corner.
How can I make a window 600
350 with flash?
I should use dreamweaver? Is there a way to do it with flash?

Write some JavaScript in the HTML that contains the .swf.

function popup(winurl,winname,winfeatures) {
  var newwin = null;
  newwin = window.open(winurl,winname,winfeatures);

Call this from within the flash using getURL().


getURL("javascript: popup('popupwin.html','flashpop','width=600,height=350,location=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0');");

Tanks YOU!!!