Pop up window doesn't work

Hey, I used the pop-up tutorial here on kirupa, and heres what I got:
in the as layer i have :

_global.openWinCentre = function(url, winName, w, h, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable) {

and on the button I got this:

on (rollOver) {
 tellTarget ("/enter") {
on (release) {
 // customize the window that gets opened
 // 0 equals NO.
 // 1 equals YES.
 address = "index2.htm";
 target_winName = "vsf";
 width = 482;
 height = 421;
 toolbar = 0;
 location = 0;
 directories = 0;
 status = 0;
 menubar = 0;
 scrollbars = 0;
 resizable = 0;
 // sends data back to the function
 openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);

But when I view it online th pop up doesn’t work, it does when I view it in my folders, and in opera the pop-up works, but it still have scrollbar and it is lot of white space in top so it get weird.

Anyone able to help get it work?

Thanks in advance,

Anyone able to help here?


Anyone able to help?