Pop-up Window Help!


I am having a problem with the pop-up window tutorials… I have tried both the centered pop-up tutorial and the basic pop-up tutorial which places the pop-up in the upper left hand corner. I have downloaded the source files for both tutorials, and have the .fla working that comes with them. However, when I try to create my own pop-up window .swf file, the button doesn’t work.

I have played around with the code and have determined that the html file is not the problem… I can create a new html file just fine; the problem arises when I change the path in the html file to point to my new pop-up .swf file rather than the “newwindow.swf” file that comes with the tutorial.

Anyway, I am just trying to figure out why my new pop-up .swf file isn’t working…for some reason the button doesn’t pull anything up, whereas the tutorial source files work great and function as they are supposed to. It seems really simple, so perhaps I am missing a line of code, have a typo or something along those lines??? I just copied and pasted the original button into a new Flash file, and that .swf file still doesn’t work so I have no clue as to what the problem may be…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have just been trying to get a very basic “test version” working before I put it into my website I am building.

Hopefully someone can help me figure out what is going on here, it’s pretty frustrating…thanks! :worried: