Pop up window - make links load in _parent (help!)


I have a pop up window that contains my flash animation. It loads out of a standard html page.

The problem I am having is that I want to keep the pop up window open and load links from within my flash animation that load in the parent html window.

I’ve tried several things but all I get is the new page either loading in ‘_blank’ or in ‘_self’.

This is the same for flash’s built in link maker thing (ie text and you type the link in in the properties box) and for buttons that I make.

Here is some examples of what I’ve tried from a button I’ve made. The button’s instance name is ‘donate’.

donate.onPress = function() {
donate.onPress = function() {
donate.onPress = function() {
donate.onPress = function() {
	var donate="javascript:loadinparent('http://www.famine.org.nz/donate.aspx', false);";

No matter what I try it always loads in a new window or in the pop up… It’s driving me crazy!

Any help very very much appreciated!