Pop-up windows

Newbie Flash user, so bare with me.

I used (verbatim) the tutorial code that pops up a window calling my web page. I change the href call from Kirupa info to my website. But the dang thang still calls his site.


I have attached a .txt file I wrote a while ago for someone else on this board needing help with pop-ups.

This method is the most basic way to pop-up windows. Basic, but effective that is.

Thanks again for BetaCode 101. That did the trick.


hmmm BetaCode 101…I like that… do you mind if I call my tutorials section on my site that? (When I get the tutorials section up that is)

Glad I could help:)

<B>EDIT:</B> Wow, ironic that your name is muse (meaning inspirer) and I just asked you if I could name my tutorials section BetaCode 101. I guess you really are a muse.

A lot of things happen to be ironic today lostinbeta, huh?

Sure, I’ll give that one to you for free :slight_smile:

Very few people outside our industry make the connection.

Dan: Irony does seem to be a common theme today.

Muse: Thanks for that one! Keep on inspiring!:slight_smile: