Popping loop at scene change


I’ve been tinkering with loops and can’t figure out how to keep them from “popping” at the beginning of a new scene. I have a continuous loop running from the third scene. It plays & recycles fine within the scene, but at the beginning of each new scene, it pops, then is fine until the beginning of the next scene.

Any ideas?

if your symbol (loop) is 20 frames long then make your scene length a multiple of 20 that way when the scene reaches the end and it goes to the next scene the loop will still “pop” back to frame 1 but since it’s a multiple of 20 it will be ready to play frame 1 anyway, so you won’t notice the pop.

there may be another more complicated way with actionscripting … but i think that’s the best way that i know :slight_smile:

hope this helps

Thanks Shuga! That makes sense. I’ll give that a try.