Popup load trouble

I’m almost done with my friend’s photo portfolio site. Unfortunately it’s being a b**h and won’t do what it’s told, even after repeated batterings :(. Basically the popup page will say “Done” in the lower left, but all I’ll see is a black page, sometimes after closing and reopening - it opens properly, but only after a long pause and the preloader is visible for only a millisecond. The swf file is ~3M, not that bad imho.

You can view the problem here (just click the entry image to launch the popup):


Do try the above first, coz if you open the swf (below) the problem appears to go away. It’s that first load and the preloader being there for a miliisecond that’s irking me.


and the fla:


Any help/advise would be very much appreciated.


Kombo. :*(