Popup Windows Within FP 2000

Please Help…\r\rHow do you create popup windows within FP 2000?\r\rYou know, the scaled ones…\r\rJ

Hey Jubious,\rSorry for the delay in responding, I couldn’t find a method to create the popup window until I found the code right here on the site: www.kirupa.com/developer/…window.asp\r\rIgnore most of the text found on that site :slight_smile: Copy and paste the large chunk of code found near the middle of that page into your HTML page. You may want to read below that code on how to modify your window.\r\rNow, your hyperlink…Copy and paste the following address in the Edit Hyperlink window: “javascript:Launch(’<a href=“http://www.kirupa.com/kirupa.htm’)””>www.kirupa.com/kirupa.htm’)"</a> (ignore the quotes around the code when copying). Change the address to something that you want the link to go to. That should help you to get the window working.

Kirupa,\r\rThanks for you’re help, I do appriciate it. I love Kirupa.com and all of it’s useful utilities. In perticular I am learning Flash. Love the tips, will speak to you soon no doubt,\r\rThanks again Kirupa\r\r::J::