Popup with flash


I have a big problem with popups in flash. I have done a flashmovie that will be used in a local network. It will not be at the internet.
The thing is that it works fine at my computer and others computer, both in firefox and explorer. But at my clients computers it don´t work at all :frowning: (They use IE 6)

The popups will not appear. If I do a popup just in a htmlfile it works fine at my clients, the popup appear.
The problem is when I do the link in flash.In the flashfile there is a button that goes to a htmlpage-popupwindow.
(Use getURL and have the javascript in the htmlfile.)

I don´t understand! Probably my client have stoped javascript that runs from a flashfile.
Is it possible to open a popupwindow from flash without javascript?
Or do it in an another way??

Please help me!!