Portfolio for review

Hello guys,
I have been using this forum for a while and found it quite helpful and informative and i am looking to get an honest opinion about my portfolio.
I have started to learn coding 4 months ago and really enjoying it and eager to step into the industry. along the way i have built few projects and a portfolio that i am looking to pitch in when applying for jobs.
The only thing getting in my way is as i am not sure if i have strong enough skills for any junior developer role.

Any advice highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Portfolio: https://umair-ashraf.dev/
E-commerece Project: https://yogaoutlet.herokuapp.com/


Looks good. Some advice:

  1. I would recommend adding descriptions of your projects in the main portfolio page. Not the whole page descriptions you have, but enough to explain the project at a high level. If someone’s in a rush looking at portfolios (which happens a lot when hiring) they may want to focus on a specific project and having a little more information would be helpful. The links to the full descriptions can still be made available through a more link or something.
  2. I missed the github link at first. I would like to see that bigger and more prominent. When hiring, I care more about the code and it helps when thats clearly visible so I know its available.
  3. Similarly I would suggest adding a github link on the project pages themselves, for example using a github ribbon. Right now its a little tedious to click the info, go back (adding more info on the main page would help this), then click on the project, then go back, then click on the github link. It would be nice to land on the portfolio, read a quick description, go into the project, then from the project itself (e.g. from the ribbon) go directly into the code. Along those lines the info pages could also benefit from having a link to the code.
  4. I think the “others” section would be better named “Articles”
  5. I would rename the “Go back” links to “Home” or “Portfolio” or something like that. “Go back” doesn’t explain where its going. If someone sends me a link to “Reducer Function…” and I see the “Go back” link, that means nothing to me since there is no back; this is where I started.
  6. Spellcheck

Otherwise the simplicity of the portfolio page is good. No need to go go crazy there as it can be more distracting than helpful. Mostly it’s about showing what you’ve got in a clear, easily accessible way.


Thanks a lot Trevor , really appreciate your detailed response. :slight_smile:
I have noted your useful points and already started modifying my portfolio , i liked the idea of github ribbon it looks nice as well on the front page.

One more thing if i may ask regarding the code for my project, what would you think the Employer/Recruiter are looking in the Junior developers' code, the two things came in my mind are,

2) Clean code

any other thing you think of that might be helpful.

Also any recommendation how can I improve my code in line with the Industry best practices, I just come across Clean Code by Robert but i imagine best practices includes more than just clean code

Clean code is important, but also subjective. What is “clean”? Things you want to pay attention to are:

  • Readable code. Is your code easy to understand when its being read with fresh eyes and not something using a lot of tricks or non-descript variable names that takes time to figure out.
  • Commenting. While readable code can largely be self-commenting, not everything is obvious and those things that are not should be explained in comments. At the same time you don’t want to comment everything unnecessarily. For example don’t do this: i++; // add 1 to i
  • Consistency. Make sure your code is consistent. This largely pertains to formatting. Don’t use tabs to indent over here then spaces over here. Don’t use hang your braces here but not over there, etc.
  • Keeping to conventions. JavaScript is not the best for this one, but most languages have a certain way of doing things. Use that way and not some other, custom approach.
  • Show range. As far as having code for a portfolio, it helps to show you know different things. Show that you can use the array methods for filtering arrays rather than for loops. Show that you can use promises correctly. Show that you can make an iterable object with generators, etc.

Thanks alot Trevor for your detail answer. quite useful points :+1:t2: