three little things i did yesterday and today. :expressionless:

<IMG SRC=“http://sonmi.150m.com/illustration/276.jpg”>
fairy girl… thing. took about an hour.

<IMG SRC=“http://sonmi.150m.com/illustration/290.png”>

<IMG SRC=“http://sonmi.150m.com/shakalaka/sludge.gif”>
self portrait of sorts :smirk:

once again, i am stunned! keep up the good work.

three little things i did yesterday and today.

i think you need to be more faster … :sigh:

good work man… [color=red]just kidding[/color] C:-)

you are definitely gifted thats all I gotta say. :o

yes, once again you have made something look almost real

did mention i a post before that it was an online program you are using??

thanks :smiley:

yeah star, it’s an online program called “oekaki”

if you do a search for it you’ll find a few of them. there are LOTS out there, as people are able to host their own via javascript. only the first two were created with it, the last was with photoshop.

what do you mean online? like its a prog. in your browser?

… Go look :slight_smile:

sonmi are you korean? i noticed a korean word on drawings :smiley:

yeah, oekaki is a java-based program that opens up in your browser; it works similarly to microsoft paint :slight_smile:

calaway- i am indeed korean! well, half korean. the korean writing in my drawings is my middle/korean name, sonmi :stuck_out_tongue: