Positioning Flash Movies

Hey everyone… I have been trying to work out how to position each swf file i’m using to load movies . The code im using for each effect is.

loadMovieNum (“www.navelgirl.com/shoppin...itte.swf”, 1);
setProperty (“1”, _x, “360”);
setProperty (“1”, _y, “226”);

Even if i change the coordinate positions the text still remains in the same spot. How do i fix this problem so i can move the text any where i want?


I perfer to load movies into a blank movie clip it is easier for me to keep control of the loaction of the swf that I am loading. all you have to do is

loadMovie (“matt.swf”, “mc1”);

where matt.swf is what is being loaded and matt is the empty movie clip with the instance name of mc1

That is off the top of my head so not 100% but that is what I do.

Good luck,

To Fishkid : Normal that it doesn’t work : you’re loading into target. Do you know what is 1 in your load command ? That’s the level you’re loading in. Whereas setproperty (1,…), 1 should be the name of your movie clip. The position where the clip should appear is the exact same position it has in the original movie.

To msjensen : OK, if I have a button saying on(press) {LoadMovie(“mymovie.swf”,“clip”) ;}
everthing is just fine. But if I put this button inside a movie clip, nothing seems to work anymore. I guess it’s the same kind of problem as the “playing a different scene with a movei clip” problem.

I hope you can help me.

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Hey msjensen,
The problem is that i don’t want to overwrite the movie i currently have. I want it to be in a layer ont top of the current movie.

Alss to: ilyaslamasse

I/m using levels not targets.

Thanks for the help

You cannot possition things in levels, unless they are inside MovieClips on those levels.

So, if you loaded an swf into level5, which contained a movie clip called “myMovieClip”.

you could possition it in Flash 5.0 with the following code from a swf in level0 to possition the movie clip:


this is short hand for the “set property” function.

oups, lapsus. I meant load into level, of course. But since you want your other flas to stay there, I guess that loading into target is not an option.
Otherwise, I think that Upu’s right.

Still, can anybody answer my questions ?
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