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you all heard of google answers right? that place where you can ask a question for right price you well get an answer. well i have set an idea for a free version! people can ask stuff and get free answers. i know it sounds crazy. all the questions and answers well be added to a database for everyone to see!:slight_smile:


.Positive Help

why wont any one say something

i dont know why no one will answer i am having the same problem on my post :frowning:

but i think it will be cool once you get a big database going. the design of the site works well for what you are doing.

good job!

please some more people to say something

34 freaking views. and only 1 view. this is insane

for one there is not much to comment on. And I dont know the purpose. But everything is readable.

i agree with DDD. site looks good but theres not much to say…i had a quick play but i couldnt see the point…

I guess I’ll say something so youre happy… I dont find it to be a good tool at all. Neat idea and I give you props for following up with it (if you made it). Anyway, with the internet, who needs a service to answer a question? Just seach the net yourself and in a few min you’ll have your answer (along with opinions, validation, varying results, etc.)… plus who is to say the answers you get on an “answer site” are correct, or what if there is a different view? I would never use such a service, and I’d be wary of its results.

Also, dont get so put off when people dont post, no one has to say anything. Just post what you want and if some one has something to say, they’ll respond.


the sites reason is where people ask questions and me and some friends do research and give you the answer:)