Possible for code to cause "Flash10.ocx Crash"

I would like to know if it is possible (more so if it is probable) that poor action script could be causing Internet Explorer to crash intermittently during use of the flash application (see attached image). IE reports this: “The following add-on was running when this problem occurred: file: Flash10a.ocx.”

This crash has never happened during developing the flash application, but it has happened to the client on XP and Vista in both IE 6&7 on several computers. This is the only information they have provided to me, although I did request more information.

I have seen many posts where people blame this crash on bad installs or upgrades of the flash player, but I am shying away from this because it has happened on so many computers.

Is it possible that action script code causes this crash?

If so is it possible that it could be anything other than a memory leak?

How much concern does everyone take to make sure they are removing references to objects and setting objects to null so that they can be garbage collected?

I appreciate any advice!