Possible to add sound on mouse click?

What I have is a mouse cursor as a crosshair, and when I click I want it to play a gunshot sound. What I did was make the background a button and attached the sound.

So what I want to do is avoid making the background a button, can I attach the sound so it plays when I left click the mouse?

Thanks all.


Put the sound in the “down” state of the button. That’s the button’s third frame. It will play every time the button is pressed.

or, what you could do to eliminate the whole backg button is to make a blank MC, put it on the main stage, and give it this sorta actionscript:

onClipEvent(load) {
snd = new Sound();
snd.attachSound(“sound name”);
onClipEvent(mouseDown) {

You know… I need to read more about the sound object. I really don’t understand more than the basics of that. Can you start a thread in Action Script forum and give what ever details you have on it?