Possible to distort movieclip?

Cant figure out if this should even be possible, but here goes …

I have a movieclip that I load a jpg image into. I can rotate the movieclip & scale it in x & y directions which is great BUT has anyone got any ideas how I could distort it into a trapezium using actionscript ?


[font=Courier New] -----[/font]
[font=Courier New] / [/font]
[font=Courier New]/ [/font]
[font=Courier New]---------[/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
Scaling the y is fine, but I effectively want to scale the x dimension by different amounts depending on what the y position is & the more I think about it the more my brain hurts

There’s no way I’m aware of. Which is a shame, really. I’ve a few effects that would do well from a bit of scripted skewing.

Ah Well - At least I know I’m not just being a dullard now …

Thanks for letting me know anyhow - If I ever figure out a way of doing this, I’ll post it, but I’ll not hold me breath …

Guidon :beard:

nope, not really. The best you can do is create two skewed masked triangles and put them together to give the appearance of a taper like that, however the image shifts and will not match up perfectly (as the image itself is still not being tapered, just skewed in two pieces in a tapered shape).