Possible to exit out of Actionscript? - Similiar to PHP's Exit Function


Is it possible in actionscript to do something like this? I have a lot of functions in my project which display various screens of my project. At the start of each screen I run a function to check out certain things (EG is user banned etc etc). What I want to happen is if those actions are true then to jump to a another function, run it, and then stop all processing of any further scripts. EG Below:

function show_screen () {

 Some more code under the show_screen fuction.


At the moment it runs through the check settings function and would then carry on with the rest of the code under the show_screen function. What I want to happen is the ability to exit out of processing anymore scripts should a condition = true in the check_settings() function. Something siliar to PHPs exit() function which stops all processing would be very handy.

Can anyone help?