Possible to load multiple files as one?

im making a little flash game and im wondering if this is possible…
I want to (just because) create one file which contains all the data that i want to load into my flash movie.

say i place all the files/sounds/external swf’s in one folder and sort them how i like…
Then i zip that folder and place it on my webbserver.

is it now possible to load in that zip file and retrieve the contents of it using only flash?

it offcourse does not have to be zip format… i just want that general concept.


I guess you can pack all your items into swf file ))
And load it as external library. Or load it as a simple movie and then use everything in it as you wish.
But no zip’s & no other packages )))

■■■■ =/

woulda been nice, both save bandwith on download and lower load times for user and make easier for me to organize…

ahwell thanks neways