Possible with flash (MX)

Hey,first I want to say that my english is not good and if you don’t understand plz ask it,and I try too explain.
I want to know of this is possible with flash:

1| I want to make a rpg-game so the characters moves by mouse clicking,the map is such like the most rpg’s (like diablo, i think everybody knows that).

2|A) left-mousbutton : move the character by clicking on the map,attack a enemy by clicking it (melee-weapon) and pick up a item.

B) Change clothes of the character (without making another figure would be nice),other weapon

C) Level up of weapons/character by exp.

D) Make a weapon to attack from distance (bow and arrows)

That’s a whole list but i’mplanning to make it steb by step, I knwo it gonna take a lot of time and thats why i want to be sure that this is possible with flash (mx).

Thanks for listening (reading ;))

PLz,some1 say what’s possible with flash and what not


Here is a good start.

you should be able to find further info by searching the forum for RPG.


K thx,I really hope it works because i don’t know of the char. can levelup,nut i’m not that far so i decide to go on.