Possible with flash?


I need to create a virtual showroom for interior design. The room could be either a 3d model or a picture. To the side I will have different materials and objects to choose from which you can click on. When a material is choosen it will display on the selected surface of the room. Ideally the material would wrap around the surfaces to create a more realistic feel, so I think a 3d model with a texture map is the way to go. Can anyone point me to a thread or recource which explains a method to go about? Will I be able to do this in flash?


sounds more like a shockwave deal.

any links to shockwave tuts on how to do it?

you can do it in Flash, you’d just need to pre-render it in some 3D app.

Director (shockwave) can do it dynamically, but it would be a pain to manually model without modeling first in some other 3D app… in which case you might as well stick to Flash.

Thanks for the info! I’ll probably use prerendered 3d images in flash. I am however interested how it’s done dynamically with director. I know this is a flash board, but do you know a good shockwave site to help me out?


I’ll check those now