Possibly a New Forum Feature Kirupa?

Typically I’d just Pm you with this but my computer is being really anal right now an won’t let me do that… Grrr…

But while browsing around the Flash MX forum I figured out a feature that would save some of us a ton of time hwne going back through to page sets like 12 or 13

Do you think you could add a very small input text or select box to the left of the page numbers on the thread viewers so that we could say… manually put in what page number we wnat to go to or click and drag to the specific page number…

I think it would be extremely helpful when we know what page we want to go to…


I just type the number in the address bar… :sigh:

But yeah, that would be a great idea!

Understandable Copper… I would do the same thing… But some forums have number parsers to hide the numbers… So I didn’t even bother to look in the address bar…

And alot of the times I’m just using y mouse only to search through things…

lol… Call me lazy but you know :sigh:

That sounds neat playa, but like copper mentioned, changing the number in the URL is the best method. The addresses are not hidden on the forums here, so typing the number in the URL or typing the number in a textfield should take about the same amount of time.

I may consider adding that feature later though :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember though Kirupa… Not all of us are geniuses and know that a simple $_GET in a QUERY line (even in an address bar)… Changes the actual page… :wink:

Just figured I’d share my idea with ya though…


and if you have broadband increase the number of posts per page - greatly decreases the number of pages =)

but it would be a cool feature

great idea