Post your favorite GIF here!




That is rather pleasing, but now I want breakfast.


After some reverse image searching, I found the design team responsible for it:

They have some more really nice GIFs over there.


Don’t want to turn this into an “everyone’s favourite GIF” thread, but has anyone seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? I use this the most:


Actually, let’s turn this thread into exactly that! I just updated the title :stuck_out_tongue:


Given “morons”, I immediately go to the princess bride


I find to be hilarious. The website was super funny while it was live filled with Erlang/OTP jokes. Couldn’t find the site anymore.

When I know perfectly how to use a framework


I keep one of my favorite cat gifs on one of my websites:


Are you sure that’s not a sock puppet? It very much looks like a sock puppet


We recently hired someone new to our development team where all but one dev has been with the company for over 10 years. Excited to use this one:


Hi guys, I’m here with some pretty big news. What if I told you you (pun) could now take your favorite gif and double its speed, It’s true. Behold! The ram doubler ! 1995

Ok so I don’t even know how to post a photo anymore. I’m bad at this alcohol thing