Post your fla please!

If you guys could post your fla now it would be really great. I already have a few (well, 2 in fact…) but I’d really like to get them all.


pom :cowboy:

Alrighty. I put all my entires in a .zip file and uploaded them. Here are the links.

Disclaimer: As of downloading any of my files you must promise not to laugh at the horrible coding inside and at my limited knowledge in this particular area :stuck_out_tongue:

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4
Entry 5

Have a ball… open source of course… edit, twist, destroy all you would like.

mine didn’t move it’s still at

Hi again,

Sorry, it looks like it doesn’t work (this bloody free space sites. Well! they are free at least.

I’m uploading them here

CONGRATULATIONS supersatori!!!



hrmm…i shoulda entered this contest…hehe…ur coding isn’t that bad lostinbeta…hehe better than mine :)…

OK, here’s mine. At last :-\

Thanks Ilyas… the moment I have been waiting for… and waiting and waiting and waiting…LOL.

Well, I haven’t commented the code so much, so it should not be very easy to read. :-\

That is ok… I am good at picking apart code and studying it… that is how I learned a lot of things anywho.