Post your footer ideas here

what do you think would be a cool footer?

One that’s under 5K and not too big.

someting artsy-fartsy

Something that says ‘Jubba is the coolest mofo ever!!!’

Something that’ll get up and do the dishes and wash my car for me.

Something that will give me A’s on all my AP classes, 1600 on my SAT, and a 36 on my ACT…all with me not having to put forth any effort. Good luck…remember, it should also do Ren’s dishes, say Jubba is the coolest, and be under 5k. Now, that will take some serious scripting, but if you put forth the effort YOU CAN DO IT!

Kirupa :asian:

i made the footer do everything you guys asked by giving it artificial intelligence. unfortunatley, now it has a mind of its own and wont listen to! :slight_smile:

Yeah that happened to me as well, just add an If/Else statement that listens to you and only you. When you are done commanding, it can go back to its own work. I’ll move this thread to the ActionScript forum if you need some help on the coding :cyclops:

Kirupa :o

that would be great kirupa:)

And interactive footer is great :slight_smile:

i wish i knew how to make an interactive footer :frowning:

Hey syko,
That is a really nice footer you have there.

Kirupa :rambo:

Actionscript says it all…
My favourite effects:
and… the the other one… :slight_smile:

I, too, am a fan of syko’s footer.

I appreciate that I… really do :slight_smile:

i think footers with lots of movement and animation look good

Hey Spets that’s some cool footer you’ve got there! Nice 3D

hey thanks man, your looks awesome too!:slight_smile: