Poster for new Vodka Company

I am designing a dispenser for them, but since the company are a Plc. they asked me to design some promo posters for them to save money.

they wanted something inspired by russian propaganda posters

Tell me what you think…
links to them for an idea of their company and style are:

the back image is nice

all i would say to make it more like russian art and propaganda posters is maybe try a red tint over the image and instead of having it made of rounded shapes make them more squared off.


red tint…

hmm, this is with colourise…

not sure, old russian propaganda were usually blood red.


cool, n1 :thumb:

Personally I think that the first one is pretty solid. The red colorize looks amaturish, and the, and the red tint doesn’t really do much accept take away from the eye. And one thing I liked about the first one is how the eye popped off.

how about this, the eye is still Poppin!!!

more C&C! please :beam:

yeah its true with the red colourise, but i only had the image off net…but this is with a bit of colour replace to deepen it and brought out the eyes…

changeed it…its looking a bit better and more like it should be russian, i think

yeh i like it, thanks for your input!

thats alright, glad i could be of service

I like the last image by otnemem (Memento :thumb: ) however I’ve done some sites for companies (big ones too) and they want their product to look how it would in the shops, so I like the back image however I would strongly urge that you keep the bottle as it appears…just like in the first image

but it looks cool :beer:

here is with more red…where is colourise in photoshop? never heard of it!

kept the bottle as original

hmmmm…maybe make the background a bit more redder and you’ve got it :thumb:

am i there?

perfect commrade :thumb: