Posting checkbox values to txt

I realize this is an easy question, but the answer escapes me.

How is it possible to post an assigned value from a radiobutton or checkbox to a seperate txt file?

You have to use a php / asp / or similar script to write the file. Either that or you can store the values in a local SharedObject, but that’s not a textfile persay.

I would use php myself. Have flash use LoadVars.send() or LoadVars.sendAndLoad() to send the values to the php script, then php can write the file into a directory on your server.


That’s what I’ve been trying to do but what’s the actual syntax for getting values from checkboxes and radio buttons as you have to keep checking for state in case user deselects option and then selects again as getValue() only grabs very first state (ex user selects ch1 then selects ch2 then deselects ch1 … the output would be Yes, Yes because it store only first change/state)
Any ideas ?