Posting my website

how do I post my flash website?
do I need to put the html pages in my site, or do I use the swf’s in it. I have never put up a flash website before. my site loads multiple movies on it. do they need to be in html, or swf as well. plz help a newbee.

Check out publish settings in “File/”, make sure HTML is ticked for the main page that you want everyone to initially see (the one that calls all the other movies), this will make flash automatically generate a html page that sources to your flash file and tells viewers to download flashplayer (insert version here) depending on what version you used to make the swf/specified it to be published in (default for MX is 6, duh ;))…

im assuming you have basic html knowledge so u should then open the html file that flash made (it wil have the same name as your swf only .html of course) and you should edit the html to have a better layout, i normally just make a full page table with one row/data thats centred on the page.

Then! open the html page (offline) and check that everythings working, the html and swf will need to be in the same folder (unless you changed the source in the html page) and that you like the layout.

Then!!! you can upload the html page and the relevant swf’s to the same directory on your website, you can rename the html file to index/default if you want, it wont affect the swf and you dont need to change the swf’s name… I think this is about all…

If you have any specific questions just email me at [email protected] :slight_smile: