Posting variables

I have a simple form that posts some variables.
It works, but when you submit, it opens up the sendmail.asp page.
Is this an asp thing or flash thing.
heres my code for flash:

 	function sendForm2 () {
 	var c = new LoadVars();
 	c.Name = form_name;
 	c.Email = form_email;
 	c.Address = form_address;
 	c.Suburb = form_suburb;
 	c.Postcode = form_postcode;
 	c.Phone = form_phone;
 	c.Fax = form_fax;
 	c.Comments = form_comments;
 send_btn2.onRelease = function () {
 	if (form_name eq "" or form_email eq "" or form_comments eq "") {
 		statusTxt="Please Fill In all Fields";
 	} else {
 	sendForm2 ();

Would this be an issue with my sendmail.asp page, or am i sending the vaibales wrong in flash?.
Any help is greatly appreciated.