Potential FileReference Bug?

Hey Guys,

I have a potential bug, but I wanted to see if anyone else could duplicate it before I actually submit it. I have an uploader which uses a FileReferenceList to allow the user to select files from a dialog window. When the user selects some files, they are all queued for upload to the server. Because of connection limits, Flash only allows two to upload at the same time. The rest are listed on the stage and have a status of ‘Pending’.

If I invoke FileReference.cancel (because the user wants to cancel that file upload) on any of the objects which are pending because of having a lost connection, the movie hangs.

Actually, I seem to notice that FileReference.cancel forces the entire movie to hang until the next progress event is fired. On a normal connection, canceling a normal file, this wouldn’t be a huge deal. In this particular project, however, many users will be working through a slower VPN. Waiting for the next progress event could mean that their browser hangs for a second or two.

In the case where you cancel a pending file, the browser hangs until Flash Player force exits the script.

Can anyone else duplicate this problem?