Potentially Quick -W98/MS Outlook Help

I am leaving here in a half an hour to go to my sisters house to work on her computer.

All I know is that:

"Outlooks delete’s every attachment I get"

Accoring to my non techno savvy sister. This is the only answer I can get out of her.

All I know she is using outlook express (Through cable) running W98 - First edition.

Potential spyware, virii? configuration setting that are some known issues here that can save me some troubleshooting time??

Thanks in advance.

You mention MS Outlook in your subject line, so if she is indeed using MS Outlook (version 2000?), I think the Office SP2 is a security patch that disables use of attachments. I’m fuzzy on the patch numbers, so it may be SP3 or higher.

If she is using Outlook Express, she may have her antivirus software configured to delete attachments upon receiving them.

It’s tough to say for sure though :frowning:

Thanks K-man.

I will look into the service packs.


That was exactly it. Thanks :beam: :thumb:

Her machine was in rough shape.

Wound up installing critical updates that went back to 1999, romoved her 6!!! yes six searchbars from IE, a bunch of trojans, spyware, adware…

Its amazing how people deal with stuff like that and only complain when they cant view attachments from outlook :h:

Windows 98 :td:

Windows XP :thumb:

glad it worked - yeah i find the same thing odd -

the thing is crawling - but there’s a problem with windows media player…

Agreed. But if I were to install XP on her machine it would crush it to death. Its a real dog.