Power function algorithm

im trying to program an algorithm to solve a power function. The equation is as followed

100^alpha = ce0^alpha + ce1^alpha + ce2^alpha + ce3^alpha + ce4^alpha + ce5^alpha

the ce’s are supplied by the user prior to the algorithm solving. I am trying to write a stepwise algorithm the finds the value of alpha that creates the least absolute difference between the two sides. Here is my code:

var Alpha:Number=.001;
while (Math.abs(Math.pow(100,Alpha) - Math.pow(ce_0,Alpha)+Math.pow(ce_1,Alpha)+Math.pow(ce_2,Alpha)+Math.pow(ce_3,Alpha)+Math.pow(ce_4,Alpha)+Math.pow(ce_5,Alpha)) > .01) {
if (Alpha > 2){

this may be an easy fix since im a relative neophyte to actionscript and am therefore prone to writing errors. However, the program keeps churning out the initial value of .001 even though it computes the absolute difference to be 5.01 in the trials i run, which is clearly greater than .01. Any and all help is very appreciated