Prblm: Stage size not correct

Greetings. i come in peace.
i have a problem with the


in MX: i define it as 693 by 462. when i ask to trace the height/2 i get 229 which does not add up. i want to use it for the centering of movie clips. i thought


will get me to the pomissed land. it is almost. anyone with answers or ideas for a function that will center things to hte middle of the stage?
please answer me ASAP, if it works i’ll drink a bier to your health andcurse those who spam you.
thanks, e-shy
“–paste quote here–”

i don’t know why i had to add 4, but it worked, so such is life. that’s if your registration point is in the center.

i actually think your AS is right (except you’re missing the +4), but it’s based on the width of your MC, which is why you’re getting something that’s not =693/2. that of course will change to be =693/2 if you use a centered registration point.

I had the same problem a while back, my solution was to make an mc on the first frame that was the same width as the stage (set by stage.width of course) and then used that as reference instead ;)… but now that I think of it, I could have done it better by setting a root variable or sometin’

thanks for that. i’ll try it and let you know. in anyway, one beer for your health!