Pre-Loader problems

When I put a preloader scene before my main scene…I don’t have any sound on my main scene.
But when I put the preloader scene after my main scene…the sound is back…but how can my preloader load if it comes after the main scene?Makes no sense…help me out please.

Thx in advance for replying.

so the sound is on the preloader or on the movie part? because if ur preloader is after the main movie u probably wouldn’t see it…i dont fully understand your problem though

Okay…I’m gonna try to explain it differently.

I made my Main Scene with button sounds,background music and stuff.
After that I decided to make a preloader cause the Main Scene was very big.
So I add a new scene…call it Preloader and put it before my Main scene…so it loades before the Main Scene (thats what preloaders are intended to do).

Now comes the problem…when I test the main Scene…all my button sounds are gone except for the background music and other sounds.

So I decide to delete the preloader Scene…and guess what…the button sounds work again.

Now I don’t get this…why is this happening?

Is it possible to put an preloader in scene1 when I want the preloader to load the scene2??

I had a similar problem to this one. I had animations in my flash buttons and when I created a preloader, the animations in my buttons stopped working. I decided to try and use the gotoAndStop() in my code instead of gotoAndPlay(). I ran the movie and the animations worked again. I dont understand why this solved the problem, but it worked for me. I hope it works for you.