Pre-loader (totalK=getBytes) bug report

…Pre Loader …
setProperty ( “bar” , _xscale , percentageK);
if (loadedK >= totalK && totalk != 0) {

I think the code above is familiar for most of you.
It works fine but in some occasions the load of the file
halts ;

It is useless to refresh the browser instance or to close it ;
open up a new window as well : the bar will remain
exactly where it stopped , will not progress ;

The only way to get the load of the file is to go to
the “C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files” folder
and delete the partially loaded file ; after doing that it will
load ;

I noted that it occurs in peak times when the bandwith is narrow ;
it has already happened with dial up , adsl , and radio
connection (the last one in a saturday evening ) ;

Has someone experienced the same or has a good idea
on how to improve it ?



never had that problem. I will however look into it as well. If I can find any information on the problem I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Hi once againg Woopecker

Believe me it happens , just before to post it I
tested as described with different speed conections.
Try it during peak hours when servers are overloaded.
I´ve already experienced the problem by hitting the
browser stop button.


A)Have you seen it do this on multiple projects or just one particular swf that you’ve been trying to load?


B) have you seen this happen on swf’s that are located on other people’s servers or just the one that you’re working on?

Hi David
Answering your questions :

Reported bug has occurred with 4 different preloaded projects ;

Two of them are stored in a local I P that has showed to be stable in two and half years I have my personal page there.

Third one is a test file on which I noted the problem by the very 1st time but it was stored on a free Tripod server , that may not be considered serious in terms of server stability;

So I uploaded the test file to another paid server - file stored
in a serious server based somewhere in U S A - and it seemed
the trouble was on Lycos end , perhaps due to narrow

But to my dismay sometime ago I could not load that test file what obliged me to delete in the cache folder and after doing
so finally I got to load it.
4th time was a customer complaint who described me the failure

  • loading bar freezes and does not load if F5 pressed - customer
    has ADSL conection ;
    Failure has occurred as well on computer connect by means a radio conection (on a saturday night ) ;

I´ve been testing the files many times , deleting from the cache
and reloding them systematically but I could not get the failure.

That´s all .
Thank you very much for your interest on matter