Pre-loading multiple external swf's?


So I have been searching for hours through various sites and google and although I can find a lot of people who have asked the same question, I can not seem to find a answer that suits my problem ( or that I understand! ).

I have a main swf file which has a container mc in which four separate swf files load into when called from four buttons (home, services, testimonials and contact). When the main swf file loads it calls the home.swf file as the default file to load in to the container.

The main swf has a preloader on the first two frames and so does the home.swf. When you view the main swf file the preloader plays fine, then the short intro animation which sets up the interface and then the home.swf’s preloader kicks in and then the home.swf loads and animates in.

Right, for the problem…

I would like to incorporate the preloading of the home.swf file into the main.swf preloader (which has a simple percentage loaded text field) so when the short intro animation plays the home.swf file will load instantly without the need for another wait. Can this be done?

I am not a programmer and so all the answers I have found have either not been quite what I am looking for or way over my head - Is there an easy way of achieving this?

Any help would be greatly received, even to point me in the right direction of a tutorial or ideally a component that could do the programming for me?

Thanks for reading,