Prelaoder headwrecker

i’m a cartoonist, designer and
i’m still using flash5. and what i want to do is create
an index movie that will preload up to 10 60-80k movies which
can be controlled by this index movie.

I’m no coder but am reasonably aware of levels, actionscript and
preloading techniques but can’t seem to locate any clear examples on how to do this. Is it achieveable or am i just nuts?

A strighforward tutorial or written “how to” would be greatly appreciated. I would be prepared to produce some animation or
cartoons for anybody who can help me out.


james vallely

what I have done…

put an empty frame and a stop in the 1st frame of each movie you are preloading.

then using levels, then telltarget _level10 GOTO and play frame 2…

Does this make sense?=)


Thanks reverend,
i am presently trying something similar to the sermon you offered.
I’m really trying to find out if a movie sitting
on the bottom level can preload and control a bunch of other movies. I have a version where each induvidual swf is embedded
in an html page but my method of including a preloader with every shockwave seems slow and irritating to the end user and i want some code which will pause the first swf until the last one is loaded into the cache so the experience( it includes quite a bit of spoken word) is seamless and smooth.

I don’t know if flash5 can do this, i think something called containers in MX is the answere but i havnt got it yet.

thanks anyways.


On that I am not sure…



When you first come to the page you want an index movie to load. From there you want to have buttons to load 10 other movies. Is this correct? and are the 10 movies all different cartoons or do they make up on seamless movie?