Preloader and movie keep looping!

I took Kirupa’s code for “preloading with a progress bar”
and placed into Scene 1 of my movie, so when it finished loading the progress bar it would proceed into scene 2 ( my main movie ) and then STAY there.
But it keeps LOOPING back to scene 1 after a few seconds or so, after scene 2 loads.

I checked my code and nothing points back to scene 1.
I don;t have any loops going back to that scene.
When I delete scene 1 ( the preloader ), my movie works just fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Better yet, can I make them into 2 different movies and have my main movie load and replace the preloader movie when it’s done? But how woudl the preloader movie add the bytes to load on the progress bar when then main movie hasn’t even been loaded.

Flash experts , please help. Going cuckoo here.

Thanks again.

Help? Please. I need to get this project done like yesterday. :frowning: