Preloader breaks game


I’m not a flash expert by any means so pardon any ingnorance…

I have a word find puzzle game (that I did not create) and am having a hard time adding a preloader.

The game is fairly simple - it sets up the squares with random placement of the words to find and fills in random letters in the empty spaces. When a user clicks on the first letter of the word, it’s circled. When all the words are found, a “good job” message pops up.

I got a cute little pre-loader from a site. It works fine by itself but when combined with the swf game - no luck.

what i get…
-game reloads over and over looping the first (and only) frame. the random letters change each time.

  • using stop() -game works fine but the “good job” never appears

either way I never see the preloader.

I have tried to put loader in the first frame, a new scene… currently thinking and external swf??

please, any help appreciated!!!