Preloader, frameset and loadmovienum


  1. HTML page, which is frameset - 3 frames. I’ll refer to those frames (regarding their position in a frameset) as top, middle and bottom - these are not their names.
  2. bottom frame has 2 buttons - for choosing language.
  3. buttons are links to *.htmls that have preloader embeded into them, and target for those buttons is middle frame.
  4. So, you click on the button and preloader is shown in middle frame.
  5. Preloader shows loading progress of, let’s call it, main.swf.
  6. When preloader finishes (main.swf is loaded 100 percent) main.swf should be opened in the same browser’s window - not middle frame.And it does.
  7. the problem : But, before it is opened in the same browser’s window - it is SHOWN in the MIDDLE frame of frameset (there where preloader was positioned).To be more precise only one part of its stage is shown - upper left corner whose dimensions are the same as preloader’s.
    that’s the problem - I dont want it to show in middle frame of frameset at all. But as soon as it’s cached it is imidiately shown.

Please, take a look at it : - look what happens when preloader finishes… observe middle frame - where preloader is being put.

Preloader code :

loadMovieNum(“main.swf”,1);//main.swf is embeded in main.html

if (percent == 100){

I tried loading emtpy *.swf (0.3KB) into level2 as soon as preloader finishes - no luck there, same problem.