Preloader help needed :(

So I have a preloader for my program and I swear I have the hardest times with preloaders… It isn’t working because it keeps saying that it " Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference." The problem is, the program itself works perfectly without the preloader, but when I add the preloader to the mix, it doesn’t work because it is trying to play the program before loading it or something, and it tells me it can’t find a object because it is null even though it isn’t, and works fine like I said when running the program without the preloader.

I first started trying a preloader within the program, just adding a new scene. That doesn’t work good because if its a large program it won’t start showing the preloader until 40%+, which kinda kills the point of the preloader.

So I went a new preloader route, and trying to simply load my SWF. This is where it is saying it can’t find the object, even though the object is a class and the class is in the same folder as my SWF and preloader. This is really killing me. Anyone got any ideas? :jail::kir:

:My Setup:

Program.swf //within my program, the document class is “”
//This works perfect, without a preloader, and the document class is called, and that talks to class2 without error//

Now when I throw the preloader in the mix, I get this:
preloader --> preloading Program.swf
Error Message: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at class1()