Preloader in mx 2004

I am new to mx 2004 and internet design as a whole (only a couple of years but not alot of flash) so please bear with me if I dont know all the lingo yet. I am trying to create a preloader for my site and just cant seem to do it correctly. Am I wrong to say that it seems the whole process completly changes with each version of flash and if thats true than thats one of the confusing things ever ;(.
But anyways thats what Im trying to do and I have been doing some research into using flash components and have played with the preloader that comes bundled with flash and its interesting but I could only get that to work with a jpg and not another swf. What do I do? Can someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial or give me some pointers on using the loaderbar and loader component?

thank you very much ahead of time


I would try to avoid using the components bundled with flash; they add about 30k each to your movie.

Here is a tutorial at kirupa that should help you:

Thanks for responding… I think I might have been doing something wrong but I used the tutorial that you posted and it worked beautifully but I couldnt get it to handle audio as well… Something I forgot to mention in my previous post… along with just images loading I also have sound and for some reason I couldnt get the preloader to work correctly

I have just thought of another question to ask as well. How many of you flash designers out there have a couple different versions of flash that you use. Like having flash mx 2004 and flash mx?